Information Graphic Design + Interactions

  • Before Scanning  (Nature Section)


  • Scanning Nature Object


  • On Click for more information



  • Other clicks



  • Other Sections differentiated by colors

ethno fashion performance

  • Color Palette



Here is our storyboard with drawings I made. Hope it’s the way we wanted. Please let me know if there are things need to be changed or not making any sense.


Textile info for App

Hi all,

Here is the textile info and images for the App:

Textile: Fastskin

Manufacturer: Speedo

Section: Nature


Image1: Fastskin LZR Racer Elite 2

Speedo’s Fastskin is a revolutionary fabric technology inspired by sharkskin. It was first introduced to competitive swimwear during the 2008 Olympics in Sydney, Australia where swimmers wearing the Speedo swimsuits took the majority of medals at the games. At the PanAm Games you can expect to see competitors wearing the latest version, Fastskin LZR Racer Elite 2 which is super lightweight, with increased compression, drag resistance and water repellency all of which is designed to make the swimmer go faster and win more medals!


Image 2: SEM of sharkskin

Sharkskin magnified using Scanning Electron Micrograph photography. To the human eye the skin of the shark looks smooth, but under this advanced imaging technology we can see that it is in fact made of tiny ridges. Once Speedo’s material scientists saw this they used advanced knitting techniques to mimic the sharkskin. This design process is known as Biomimicry or Biomimetics.


Image 3: SEM of Fastskin

Speedo have spent more than 55,000 hours researching, testing and designing the fastskin racing system.



The design for Fastskin is based on which of the following:

1. Shark

2. Salmon

3. Loon


Fastskin was first introduced at which of these games:

  1. PanAm Games 2015
  2. Olympic Games 2008
  3. Olympic Games 2012


Fastskin fabric is made using which technique:

  1. weave
  2. knit
  3. embroidery


How long has it taken to develop to the current stage:

  1. 550 hours
  2. 5,500 hours
  3. 55,000 hours

Image 1.

 012a Speedo fastskin swimmer

Image 2.

 007c sharkskin


Image 3.

 007d sharkskin + FABRIC