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Nature – Horse Jumping game!

This game consist on a Jumping Horse game.

Here the user will control a horse and must make him jump the obstacles. For every 5 obstacles correctly jumped, the horse will gallop faster. To make the horse jump the user must touch the screen at the right moment.

The shape to unlock the game is a horse shape. In addition to the horse shape, there will be 2 objects related to the game, a helmet and a saddle; this objects will provide the user with more information related to the fabrics.



The stands will have the height of the Apple in-store tables. escala


The medium time of permanence don’t exceeds a minute and a half

If the app takes a long time to load, we will have lost a user

Pleasant presentation

Easy to use and navigate

Clear, concise and direct content

Users scans content, they don’t read the whole thing

Images and video has become very important

High content quality equal to more engagement