MUSEUM EXPERIENCE DESIGN – A COLLABORATION WITH DESIGN EXCHANGE + The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing China+ Alex Mayhew (award winning digital creative and producer)

The exhibition will include international brands from Nike to Reebok, Maharishi and Canada Goose. The intention of the App is to give visitors to the exhibition the ability to see and learn more. It will offer the user several options such as a guided tour of exhibition highlights, where the stories behind exhibits are revealed. It could also offer an opportunity to explore the exhibition by a theme such a speed, high tech materials or sustainability, that runs through the four sections of the show. However, the first task of the internship will be to research and propose what you believe to be the most exciting and dynamic way of creating a user experience!

Sportswear – dressing to win! will open in June 2015 to coincide with the PanAm Games and is expected to tour to a further five venues over two year period. The Design Exchange (DX) is a museum dedicated to the pursuit of design excellence that aims to highlight the relevancy and importance of design to every day life. Located on Bay Street, just 10 minutes from OCADU, the museum has an exhibition, events and education program that ranges from graphic design to furniture design to the current exhibition ‘This is not a Toy’ guest curated by Pharrell Williams.

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