Here is our storyboard with drawings I made. Hope it’s the way we wanted. Please let me know if there are things need to be changed or not making any sense.


One thought on “Stroyboard

  1. momahony2014 says:

    Hi all,
    Storyboard looking good, showing a strong narrative and lively visuals. This is now starting to make sense, especially for the person coming to the proposal for the first time. It does need some amendments however. I will give them by frame number:
    2. ‘4 exhibits’ should read ‘4 exhibit areas’
    This is not very clear, for example what are the shapes and the fabrics that you refer to?
    It would also be good to know what technology you will use here.

    3. Why do you want people to walk in a circle, explain your reason.

    5. The section relating to physical objects needs to be explained when they are first mentioned. Perhaps you could move this to appear after section 2. It also needs to be clear on the relationship between the section, sport and object. Choose one for each section. You need to sound convincing and concrete with your ideas at this stage.

    6. You need to remind the reader what technology you are using to make this happen. You don’t need a big explanation but you do need to remind people of how innovative your proposal is. Amend ‘fun and short’ to ‘short and fun’.

    7. Amend to read ‘Visitors will be given a short multiple choice quiz based on information that they will have gathered at the App stations in the four sections of the exhibition.’

    8. Amend ‘ask to scan’ to ‘ask them to scan’.

    11. Amend ‘more score than a certain amount ‘ to ‘a score above 70%’.

    If you can get these amended this week that would be great. Many thanks.


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