Hi Everyone,

I am sorry that I could not be there in the meeting today because I have to deal with a family matter. These ideas are clearly presented and each one of them has got great potential to develop. In the mean while, I hope you can think about different level of participators to engage them all to play and learn. Think about how visitors may play with materials, blocks. Is it convenient to them to play materials or blocks with the Ipad at the same time? Or is it better to them to play only one object?

Here I post a short video which was done by last winter by my students. We were trying to manipulate 2 shapes together to make a VR game. The initial idea was to design an interactive mirror in the Tshirt shop. when 2 totally strange shoppers standing in front of the mirror that they can communicate by a VR game. It was done by Processing and it was a unstable work. I am trying to make it work on Ipad or other android tablet. The progress is still on progressing and I hope it can be done by the end of August. It might be a chance for visitors to manipulate to different materials or blocks to finish a game and get rewards.




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