DX Schedule

May 30th

  1. The students will show a brainstorm of possible apps according to their previous research about what is going on with new museum’s apps and another interesting proposes of non-textiles brands.
  2. Selection of 3-4 ideas to continue developing


June 3rd

  1. The students will present the selected ideas from last meeting in a more detailed stage.
  2. The ideas will have defined the interaction with the user.


June 10th

  1. DX meeting, show inspiration and ideas
  2. The students will prepare a presentation for the DX team were they will expose the development of the ideas they have being working on and show how those ideas are an excellent tool to enrich the exhibition.
  3. Define the better idea(s) to continue working with.


June 17th

  1. The team will discuss the meeting results.
  2. There will be a brainstorm to continue working with the selected idea. Have different solutions for the winner idea.
  3. The better ideas from the brainstorm will continue to be development.


June 24th

  1. Development of ideas
  2. Creation time


July 1st

  1. Students will show the development of the new ideas
  2. Students will show how these ideas are important for the exhibition
  3. Work on feedback


July 8th

  1. Technical Aspects.
  2. Start building the app


July 15th

  1. Technical Aspects
  2. If everything is working in a right way, then we will begin with aesthetic parts.


July 22

  1. Testing
  2. Error approach and correction
  3. Technical Aspects


July 29th

  1. Final idea ShowTime
  2. Run prototype.

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