Streategic Thinking

As we are investigating possibilities, it would hurt if we consider all wild ideas. Continued on the Coca cola idea of alternate reality game within a close area, I found some examples that are inspirational in that sense. I think ARG could potentially increase visitor’s engagement before and after exhibition especially with younger visitors. A recent example of ARG is Run An Empire App in which you expand your territory by running and exploring new areas. It could even be more attractive when we have to draw Pan Am Games visitors.

As the exhibition is about fashion, tech and sportswear, what could be more exciting than people put on each one of the products/objects with a simple AR installation. Topshop in Moscow has done it before by the help of FittingReality. This idea can be applied in many other ways to create a new experience for the visitor.

Surprises are important strategies for marketers to evoke people emotionally and it’s Pepsi who got the idea for people. There is no doubt that emotions play an important role in remembering things, so that’s how we can make a long term effect on visitors brains especially when we are dealing with branding and product promotion.

As for inspiration and thinking out of the box, I would like to share some AR projects that I really enjoyed. One by national Geographic and the other by BBC Nature.

Visitor physical engagement by Manitoba’s Children Museum is a great example of real life activity and personalizing the environment.

Designing for all senses

And here I want to end with a great talk by Jinsop Lee on the importance of designing for all 5 senses.

And here is a great example of tactile interface and employing senses to make experience.

As to open our mind to think excessively I would like to share some students projects from Swiss University ECAL that were shown in Milan 2014.


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