Note from Marie

Hi all,
I am posting the exhibition info here for the moment but Ardavan can you send through the blog info and I can use that for communication on the project please. Info on the exhibition content indicates who the audience is and what we are looking to achieve. You can use this as a starting point for the scope of your App, but as discussed at the meeting last week I am really wanting to see what you come up with on this. So, for our meeting tomorrow I would like to see your project plan along with a timeline and deliverables. Some initial research on what is out there in terms of Apps for this area, or that might inspire direction on this would be good to see.
Here is a short Vimeo of the grafitti writer Tempt One and Eyebeam, there is lots more online about this. Its pretty amazing and I hope that we can get him involved in the exhibition design.
Tomorrow we will meet at 11am in the Material Innovation Centre (MIC), Room 530, 100 McCaul Street.
Look forward to seeing you then.

DX_Sportswear Exhibition info for Interns


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